About Kohler Landscapes

Professionalism is central to the Kohler way of doing things. Every member of our staff has formal landscape training. Each shares a baseline ethic of honest care for the land, an essential principle on which the company is founded.

As we define it, professionalism means that our crews dress appropriately and behave well on every project. It means that we never cut corners on nursery stock, seed, hardscaping materials, organic fertilizers, or any of the tools we use or deliverables we provide. It means that we always treat our customers with honesty and respect, delivering the same expert, dedicated service regardless of the size of the project.

Owning a few gang mowers doesn't make a company the landscape design firm you want to hire. That takes knowledge, imagination and experience — not to mention an absolute commitment to treating the customer well. The way we do things is what sets us apart. And it's what accounts for the difference in results that customers get from Kohler Landscapes.

Meet Our President

With his deep roots in the land, a career in landscape design and management was a birthright for Kyle Kohler. He was raised on a dairy farm in Berks County, Pennsylvania, where he learned to love the beauty of the land and gained a profound sense of stewardship to it. As a child he assisted his grandfather, who was working toward certification as a Penn State Master Gardener. A fascination with horticulture is another inheritance that Kyle values.

To acquire the technical grounding that serious landscape work demands, Kyle studied landscape contracting at Penn State. He has worked in landscaping for more than a decade, gaining the field experience that's a critical complement to classroom learning. His background in landscape architecture has given him a great advantage in managing the team. It's all contributed to his determination to apply rhythm, balance and texture — along with sound environmental practice — in every project he undertakes.