How Great Landscape Design Happens

A perfect landscape begins with listening. We spend time in advance with our customers to learn what they like, what they need and what they want, and we walk the property to get a feel for its potential. A landscape can be beautiful without really fitting your requirements or tastes. It's only after we truly understand your ideas and feelings that we can create a plan that responds to them.

All Kohler landscape designers are professionally trained and deeply experienced — and also constantly alert to what's going on in the world of landscape design, from the classic to the most contemporary. We'll work with you closely to achieve the fully realized look you've dreamed of.

When you choose landscape design from Kohler, you'll receive one-of-a-kind attention and results, personalized to you and customized to your property. There is no "Kohler style" — we respond to the unique characteristics of every home, commercial property and customer with completely individual plans and implementation. When you see the results, you'll agree that it's the right approach.

The Opportunities in Your Budget

Every project and every landscape maintenance program is based on a budget. At Kohler, we view the budget as an opportunity, not a limiting factor. We pledge always to maximize the effect that can be achieved at any level of cost. And we also promise that the capable, friendly service we offer will be the same for every customer, regardless of the level of investment they're making in their landscape.

Design Credentials

Every designer at Kohler Landscapes is a professionally trained specialist, beginning with Kyle, who received his bachelor's degree in landscape contracting from Penn State, with a minor in turf grass. Our customers see the difference that professional skills make in results on the ground.