Aftercare: Maintenance and More

No landscape is static. Once you've created the visual effect you want, regular attention is the only way to maintain it. It's all about protecting your initial investment. Kohler Landscaping personnel work wonders with just an inspection and appropriate follow-up care twice a year.

This goes beyond maintenance. Our experts spot problems that property owners may not recognize at all, and take steps to keep small issues from turning into big ones. A prime example is our Pruning Program. The program reinforces the deep, crisp edge your trees and shrubs displayed the day we finished your original landscaping project. But it also can detect issues with the growing stock and correct them before serious damage results.

Contact us now to discuss a customized aftercare program that will keep your landscape in superb shape, year in and year out. Also, ask about our seasonal flowers program that brightens your property with blooms selected to be appropriate to the time of year.